The No!No! MICRO


The no!no! MICRO

No!no! MICRO is the new hair removal products that estheticians are excited to try. It uses Thermicon technology so as to trigger visible hairs and follicle to slow down after using the product consistently. The No No Hair Removal MICRO is small and compact in size. It is small and compact making it easy to carry around in your handbag. Once you buy the system you have to practice patience as you wait for the system to fully charge. It takes the system five hours to fully charge. While it is charging there is a green light that blinks constantly, but it stops blinking when it is fully charged.


Once the green light stops blinking, it is a signal that it is ready for use. To make sure you are using the system correctly, it is crucial that you read the instructions. Without reading the instructions you will not know where to use the wide and the narrow Thermicon Tips. Use the wide tip for wider areas such as the legs and thighs and use the narrow tip for facial hair.


Before you can commence the procedure, you need to remove any creams and lotions from the area. You can easily do this with a gentle cream. You can test it out on a small area to ensure you do not have a reaction to it.


With the device turned off, you insert the appropriate tip. Once you have attached the tip turn on the device and glide it over the desired area at a 90 degree angle and it should be against the hair follicles. With the device at a 90 degree angle use a steady, smooth and even motion. There is a blue light that is steady if you are using it correctly or it will make a sound when used wrongly. The number of passes over an area is dependent on how thick your hair is. Use the provided buffer in a gentle circular motion until all hair is removed.